online customer reviewsOnline reviews are quickly becoming one of the most influential types of content.

According to a G2 Crowd study, 85% of tech buyers read up to 10 reviews before making a purchase.

To stand out from the competition and boost your sales, B2B tech vendors need to get their glowing reviews in front of as many customers as possible.

However, reviews can sometimes feel like they have a small reach, since they only live on a single websitewhich you don’t own. This gives brands little control over who finds their reviews and where they click after they read them.

But what if you could harness the power of these reviews throughout your marketing?

Instead of bombarding customers with more requests to review your products on multiple sites (which could easily burn them out), you can repurpose their existing reviews in your marketing and sales content. This will help spread your customer’s genuine enthusiasm for your brand and make your marketing materials seem more authentic.

Here are three ways you can use existing online customer reviews to make your marketing and sales efforts more effective—and get your positive customer reviews in front of more buyers.

1. Make your marketing more credible

Nearly all marketers struggle to get quotes from happy customers. However, if a customer posts a public review, it’s okay to reuse it in your marketing collateral. For example, you can include quotes from your customers’ reviews in the following places:

  • Blog posts
  • Case studies
  • Conference or trade show materials
  • The testimonial page on your website
  • As call outs or in side bars on your website
  • Brochures
  • Direct mail pieces
  • Email signatures

As a best practice, let your advocate know you appreciate their positive review, and find a way to reward or recognize them for their actions. It could mean a thank you on social media, a small gift tailored to their interests, or the chance to tell their success story in a case study or blog.

2. Run more effective email nurturing campaigns

Customer reviews lend credibility to your emails and can motivate leads to learn more about your products or services. If you’re sending out an email nurturing campaign, you can include snippets from your online reviews in each email.

You can also create a “Here’s What People Are Saying About Us” email that includes nothing but customer reviews. Be sure to focus on the challenges your customers faced before they started working with you, along with any tangible results they have achieved.

In addition, you can fill an email with tips and best practices from your customers. This will help new customers get more value from your product or service—and inspire them to write you a glowing review in the future.

3. Help sales reps have more relevant conversations with prospects

Your sales reps can use your online reviews when they reach out to prospects or try to close deals. For example, they can use your customers’ reviews to:

  • Address common objections
  • Show why you’re better than your competitors
  • Provide industry-specific social proof
  • Eliminate the need for a customer reference
  • Make their sales conversations stronger

By encouraging your sales reps to use online reviews in the buying process, they’ll  learn more about why customers chose you over the alternatives and understand buyer concerns better. They can also see who’s given your competitors’ negative reviews, and reach out to them as potential prospects.

Don’t panic if your brand has a few negative reviews. If all of your customers give you five-star reviews buyers may think they’re not real. A few not-so-great reviews makes your brand look more credible. Try to resolve the customer’s issue, and then ask if they’re willing to update their review.

For more tips on how to generate glowing customer reviews, watch our webinar on How to Boost Brand Awareness and Trust Through Online Advocate Reviews.

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