How to Turbocharge Your Analyst Relations Program with Advocates

For tech marketers running analyst programs, a great analyst relationship is contingent on being able to get analysts in touch with customers and data as quickly as possible. After all, analysts publish and present content constantly – and they frequently look to tech vendors and their analysts’ relation experts for interviews, data and trends to talk about.

But just like their peers in public relations, sometimes getting customers and data for analysts quickly can be challenging. For example, let’s say you get an inbound call from an analyst at Gartner group looking for three enterprise customers in financial services that can talk about their experiences with your products. How quickly can you deliver those names to the analyst? 48 hours?  A week? Every minute of delay reduces your chance of getting included in that next analyst report.

One way to turbocharge your analyst program is to tie it to your advocate marketing efforts. After all, the underlying principal of advocate marketing is that your fans, supporters and evangelists can more effectively carry your message to audiences than your direct marketing efforts.  Analysts call you to get to your customers, so why not reverse the process and have your best customers become your surrogate analyst relation team?

We were in a position to try this approach recently and were blown away with the results.  It started when Hank Barnes, research director from Gartner, posted a request via his blog for advocacy program information. Upon discovering this post, we converted his request to a challenge and posted it in our VIP AdvocateHub.

customer references with advocate hub

AdvocateHub Challenge: Step 1

customer references with advocate hub

AdvocateHub Challenge: Step 2

The challenge was setup over two stages: 1) Provide a link to Hank’s blog and request advocates to respond to his request and 2) Ask advocates to share with the AdvocateHub community their responses. Within a few hours, our advocates not only responded but offered tremendous insights about advocate marketing and the value of advocates. I encourage you to go and read the full comments on Hank’s blog but as a teaser here are some of the highlights:

Kaitie Coghlan from Demandbase

“At the end of the day, customers tell the best stories for your brand, and they will come to your company’s defence and offer their own coaching when you’ve instilled in them that they are just as important to the company’s success (and the products they love so much) as those on the payroll”

Heather Foeh from Eloqua

“At Eloqua we believe our customers are our lifeblood, and the Advocates are the true heart”

Anja Johsnon from McAfee

“I see advocate programs as a chance for marketing to move away from being seen as just a cost centre and to be taken seriously as a revenue generating entity, advocacy programs and also marketing automation are part of the tools that can help deliver proof”

By combining an exclusive community of passionate advocates with an easy and actionable trigger that can quickly direct that passion in the right direction, we believe that marketers will start supporting all types of campaigns with the voice of the customer.  As this case shows, analyst relations is just one of those programs.

Your Advocates are truly a ‘goldmine’ and mobilizing them will bring tremendous long-term benefits to your marketing.

Update: Influitive was recently featured in Gartner’s ‘Cool Vendors in Social Marketing, 2013.’ We would like to think that our advocates’ response to Hank  Barnes request was an additional reason Influitive was picked for this report!

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