We have a bit of bragging to do: we’ve been named one of the highest-rated products on G2 Crowd’s Ontario Gridscape! Influitive’s AdvocateHub software has the highest customer satisfaction rating out of any product on the provincial Gridscape, and is listed among the High Performers: products that are highly rated by their users. Influitive has 69 G2 Crowd reviews to date, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

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We’re proud to be featured among other incredible Canadian companies, including some of our customers, like Asigra, FreshBooks, Halogen and Mitel. The Gridscapes rate vendors based on reviews gathered from G2 Crowd users, and data aggregated from other online sources and social networks.

We’re incredibly grateful that our advocates have taken the time to review our software and talk about the success they’ve had mobilizing their own advocates using AdvocateHub.

You may be wondering two things:

  1. How exactly did a growing B2B tech startup from Canada get so many high-quality reviews on G2 Crowd?
  2. Why do online reviews matter?

Well, like most companies we strive to build a great product and improve our customer experience so we can garner good reviews. But we also put a lot of effort into nurturing our customers to give reviews in the first place so we can fuel our growth through positive word of mouth.

Reviews are one of the most valuable forms of word of mouth

Online reviews aren’t only for picking a restaurant or pet groomer. Many consumers see online reviews as a trustworthy source of information. According to Nielsen, 70% of global consumers trust online reviews, an increase of 15% in four years.

B2B buyers are looking for peer validation when narrowing down vendors in the early stages of the buying process. A 2012 Google study found 60% of B2B tech buyers seek peer reviews before they make a purchasing decision. An online review could be a potential customer’s first impression of your brand. If you don’t make a good impression, it could be your last.

Reviews are an important part of generating new business. G2 Crowd’s study found that companies with advocate marketing programs increased their market presence and received 200% more leads through the G2 Crowd website than companies without.

Reviews may also help out later in the buying journey. The 2015 B2B Buyer’s Survey Report found reviews were rated as ‘very’ to ‘somewhat’ important for comparing and narrowing down vendors later in the buying process by 90% of respondents (coming in just below ease of use and pricing).

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Advocate marketing is the secret sauce to getting more reviews

We do something most companies don’t: we simply ask our customers to write reviews for us. But we don’t do it by pestering them with phone calls or emails.

We engage and educate our customers first through our advocate marketing program, Influitive VIP. In the program, we teach and inspire our customers to run successful advocate marketing programs themselves using our software. Once they’re engaged, we ask them to do small things, like share our content, give feedback or contribute to our marketing projects, and then we recognize them for their contributions.

Once they’ve become a confident advocate marketer, we’ll ask them if they want to write a review. We don’t tell them what to say; we simply ask that they share their experience and feedback on third-party review websites (like G2 Crowd). And because we’ve helped them be successful and built a better relationship with them, they’re happy to oblige.

G2 Crowd’s recent study, The Impact of Advocate Marketing on Product Reviews and Leads, found that companies with advocate marketing programs receive up to 17.5 times more product reviews than the average product on G2 Crowd, and often score higher in user satisfaction.

Advocate marketing has helped lots of our customers boost their review numbers, too.

Think of advocate marketing as a customer-focused nurture program that’s goal is increasing social proof for your product—which can result in a number of benefits for your demand gen efforts.

g2 crowd report reviewsDiscover how advocate marketers are building brand awareness through third-party reviews

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