My Take: The Opportunity Behind Influitive

Victor BelforOver the years I’ve been an entrepreneur, executive and investor with several startup teams.  Some of these teams saw great success.  One of the things the best teams had in common was a steadfast focus on the success of our customer – even if that meant taking a short-term hit.

Influitive is taking this one step further.  I believe that our focus on advocate mobilization is the next step in the evolution of B2B marketing.

Technological and social trends fascinate me: the society we were, the society we are, and the society we are becoming.  Our mission at Influitive is to change the way B2B companies do marketing by mobilizing their advocates—their most passionate, enthusiastic, and energized customers—and channeling those resources into the social sphere.  With advances in social networking, customer prospects are more knowledgeable than ever.  In fact, experts say that two-thirds of the purchasing decision is made before a customer ever talks to a salesperson.  Influitive offers a platform to provide customer evidence and reach prospects during the most crucial stage of the decision-making process, all through the power of customer advocates.

All of my roles, including those with Emuzed, Coding Technologies and RingCentral, have been focused on nurturing relationships with customers and partners.  I enjoy designing innovative business models, creating the right incentives, and developing a customer-centric culture and look forward to applying this skill set here at Influitive.

Mark Organ has assembled a rock star team and I’m delighted to be a part of it.   Our  elite beta customers are telling us that we’ve glimpsed where B2B marketing needs to go.  With General Availability of AdvocateHub not too far out, we are getting ready to take everyone with us.

— Victor


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