Modern marketing technology is a two-edged sword. Yes, it’s easier to engage more people than ever before, but there’s a lot of noise to cut through in order to get noticed.

But there is a solution. “Personalized content is a new imperative for B2B marketers,” says Jeff Gadway, Head of Product Marketing at Vidyard.

Personalization is much more effective at grabbing and retaining the attention of customers and prospects. This is especially true for video. “Personalized videos can bring a much-needed human element into your marketing,” Jeff states.

In this webinar, Jeff shares several exciting ways personalized videos can help you improve customer engagement and build stronger 1:1 relationships at scale—no matter how large your business grows.

1. Customer events

Events are one of the key ways businesses are generating leads,” says Jeff. So if you’re one of a dozen similar organizations planning events, or just exhibiting at them, you need a way to stand out.   

Personalized invitations go a long way towards making people feel welcome, and can strongly influence their decision on whether or not they’ll register for your event. You can also invite people to stop by your booth or watch your speaking session at an event you’re attending, and encourage them to bring their colleagues.

2. Customer appreciation

Showing your customers appreciation is always a good habit to get into. That’s why Jeff suggests sending personalized videos the same way you would holiday greeting cards.

“But you don’t have to only send personalized videos as holiday greetings,” Jeff advises. “You can send them at any significant milestone of your relationship.” The objective here is to make the customer feel respected and valued as a person.

3. Touching base

B2B sales cycles are notoriously long, lasting for months or even years. Account reps run a big risk of being forgotten during this period, or replaced by reps from a competitor. But “touch base” emails are never enough by themselves. They’re impersonal and easily ignored.

Personalized videos, on the other hand, convey physicality and personality that text-based messages lack. “As humans, we are wired to watch faces,” Jeff says. “Talking head videos are the number one method for conveying messages.”

Use videos to present an account review to customers, suggest a new product or service or just share company updates that you think the customer would appreciate.

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