Webinar Recap: The 5 Secrets Of Mobilizing An Advocate Army

Earlier this week, Influitive’s VP of Business Development, Chris Newton, participated in a Marketo LaunchPoint Series webinar on The 5 Secrets of Mobilizing an Advocate Army along with our friends at DoubleDutch – CEO Lawrence Coburn and Head of Marketing Jennifer Hawkins.

marketo webinarThe turnout for the webinar was incredible and we’ve already heard from a number of people who are eager to learn more about how they can use advocate marketing and work with Influitive to supercharge their sales, marketing and event initiatives.

Thanks to Marketo’s Robin Bordoli for being such a great host!

Here are some of the highlights:

At the start of the webinar, Lawrence and Jennifer demonstrated why advocates are key to achieving their two most important goals for DoubleDutch: growth and scalability.

Then, Jennifer walked us through the five secrets of mobilizing an advocate army, using fantastic examples from DoubleDutch’s own advocate marketing initiatives, including an amazing customer testimonial video she captured at an event.

Chris took it from there, sharing the success stories of a few other Influitive customers, including how:

You can view the full webinar on demand here or find the video from Marketo’s YouTube channel embedded below, as well as their presentation slides from SlideShare.


Presentation slides:

LaunchPoint Series: The 5 Secrets of Mobilizing an Advocate Army from Marketo
Upcoming webinar

Advocates: The key to future event success

Join Chris and Certain Marketing Manager Patrick Cava on Wednesday, August 7 at 10 a.m. PDT / 1 p.m. EDT to learn how to apply smart and effective advocate marketing using the latest technology to ensure your events fully leverage the advocates you already have and win new ones.

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