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What is Advocate Marketing?

While similar in some ways to advocacy marketing, advocate marketing emphasizes the advocates’ wants and needs over the actual acts of advocacy. Advocate marketing also provides incentives to advocates to share their positive messages. This is often accomplished by engaging with them on a consistent basis, listening to their feedback and making changes in your business strategy based off that feedback.

Why Is Advocate Marketing Important?

With just a 12% increase in advocacy, on average, companies can experience a 2X growth in revenue, according to a report in the Harvard Business School Press. Advocate marketing puts a strategy in place for advocates to help buyers learn as much as they can about you. Nurturing your advocates boosts their performance and your overall results. Advocate marketing provides a process for matching the right advocates to the right opportunities, so you aren’t tapping into the same small group of advocates over and over. An advocate-centric marketing strategy also helps ensure that your advocates will remain loyal even if they change positions or companies.

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