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What are Rewards?

Rewards are incentives that encourage advocates to perform certain tasks. These activities include filling out product reviews, providing feedback on new features and staying active in the online community. The rewards can vary from inclusion in beta groups to VIP treatment at a conference. These types of rewards are offered based on advocate productivity, community engagement and even the quantity of referral leads.

Why Are Rewards Important?

Offering rewards can boost an advocate’s productivity, or even inspire existing customers to become an advocate for your brand. While your instinct may be to give away high-value rewards, an advocacy program that relies strictly on “stuff” can quickly crash and burn. Advocates are inspired to spread the word because they love your company and want to feel they are a part of the team, not to collect a gift card. Rewards offer advocates and customers a reason to stay engaged in the online community and further promote your brand to such a wide audience.

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