It doesn’t take much to deter potential customers from buying your product. When their careers are on the line, negative reviews and competitive smear campaigns only reinforce the fear, uncertainty and doubt in their minds — and there’s nothing you can say to fix it. They don’t trust you…but they do trust the voices of their peers.

The key to battling that fear, uncertainty and doubt is to connect those skeptical buyers with your happy customers — their peers. Join this live Google Hangout On Air to learn how companies like MuleSoft, BillTrust and Acquisio are sparking a movement behind their brands with advocate marketing.


  • Olivia Tinney, Marketing Communications Specialist at BillTrust
  • Michael Stowe, Developer Relations Manager at MuleSoft
  • Jillian Zacchia, Content Generation Specialist at Acquisio
  • Jim Williams, Vice President of Marketing at Influitive
Spark the movement behind your brand
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