In the not-so-distant past, conversations around brand building typically focused on defining your company’s identity, summarizing it in a slogan, and developing the creative materials to support your branding messages.

But today, whether you like it or not, a new version of your brand is emerging on the social web—one you may not even be aware exists. Your brand is being shaped by online reviews, peer referrals, conversations on social networks and word of mouth marketing generated by your socially connected customers.

Companies don’t control their brand anymore. Their customers do. According to Neilsen’s ‘Trust In Advertising’ survey, 84% of people say word-of-mouth recommendations are the most trusted source of brand discovery.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is the most effective way to turn customers into vocal promoters of your brand. And the value these advocates bring goes beyond social engagement or retention.

1a6b73b“Forget about customer lifetime value: promoter lifetime value matters a lot more,” says Dharmesh Shah, Founder and CTO of Hubspot. “Humans don’t buy from companies; humans buy from humans– and humans are more likely to buy from you if they hear about how great you are from other humans.”

In our new ebook, The CMO’s Guide To Next Gen Brand Building, you’ll learn key insights from CMOs and marketing leaders on how to cultivate a customer-obsessed company culture to build your brand in the age of customer advocacy.

Below, we’re sharing 3 tips for generating positive buzz around your brand––and keeping customers coming back year after year:

1. Deliver a delightful customer experience

A top-notch customer experience is key to retention, upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and–most importantly–will transform your customers into loyal advocates that will build your brand for you. Get everyone in your company aligned and organized around creating a better customer experience.

2. Listen to your advocates

Your advocates are your customers, employees, partners, and evangelists. They know what they want to see from you, so why not give them the chance to tell you what that is? Bring those advocates into the boardroom and give them a seat at the brand strategy table.

3. Help them spread the word

Chances are, your advocates want to share their great experiences, but just may not be sure where to start. Harness their enthusiasm and encourage them to share their experiences where and when it matters most through an advocate marketing program.

The CMO’s Guide To Next Gen Brand Building
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