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Did you know that 76 percent of B2B buyers prefer different kinds of content for each phase of the purchasing process?

That’s a lot of different content you need to sell to savvy B2B buyers. Peer reviews, blogs, case studies and testimonials all play an important role in the decision-making journey.

QuickBase has found a way to make its content generation and distribution process a lot easier. By launching an advocate marketing program, called QuickBase Heroes, the brand has been able to work with hundreds of advocates to help create more content (like customer stories and videos) and social proof for the brand (such as social media mentions and online reviews).

QuickBase Heroes is a private customer community where power users can connect with the brand through fun and educational challenges. They can also network with peers to develop their knowledge and foster valuable connections. They’re also given opportunities to receive recognition and rewards for publicly advocating for the brand.

Josh_MillerQuickBase customer, Josh Miller, Program Manager, Operational Effectiveness at a global courier delivery service—and an advocate in the QuickBase Heroes program—explains what he loves most about participating in the program.

1. Product education keeps him engaged

Josh finds the quick tips and product information QuickBase shares with him through the program useful for his professional development. The QuickBase Heroes AdvocateHub offers demos, how-to articles and helpful videos to ensure power users like Josh can learn more best practices from the company and their peers. “It keeps me abreast of developments in the application,” says Josh.

This makes it easier for Josh to talk about his experiences with QuickBase on review sites or social media since he has become a more knowledgeable, successful user.

2. He loves giving feedback through challenges

Josh enjoys participating in advocate challenges like surveys, questionnaires or requests for product feedback.

“I was sold on the program as soon as I joined,” he says. “I thought ‘this is brilliant.’ The advocate program should be where power users go first for product ideas. This program is the best I’ve seen.”

3. There’s a reward for everyone

Josh is driven to participate in the QuickBase Heroes advocate marketing program because he likes collecting rewards points and earning a variety of prizes. “I like the Amazon gift cards, but there’s something for everyone who participates,” he says.

He also enjoys that the program mixes in gamified activities (like points and leaderboards) and fun challenges to cater to advocates who enjoy a bit of friendly competition.

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How to inspire operations advocates to share (and be in) your content

Operations professionals are busy and have limited time to interact with your brand. So, you’ll need to be savvy in your approach. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Lead with value
    If you want your content to resonate with operations professionals, you need to provide information that will help in their day-to-day jobs. To motivate them to read and share your content, you need to show them value right away. Creating educational, tips-based content is an excellent way to gain and keep their attention.
  • Be respectful of their time
    Because these professionals have a lot on their to-do lists, you need to ensure your content is clear and concise. “They won’t read anything longer than 200 words with no bullets, and they won’t wade through the fluff to find the point of your content. You have to give it to them quickly,” explains Davin Wilfrid, Marketing Manager at QuickBase.
  • Give them product inspiration
    The more these professionals know about your product, the better they’ll perform in their jobs—and the better equipped they’ll be to rave about your brand. Show them how their peers are using your product in creative ways. You can do this through networking events, blogs, demo videos, webinars and more. They’ll appreciate the opportunities to make new connections.

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