Influitive recently launched Public Discussions and Content, which allows any Discussion category or Content Section inside an Influitive hub to be made public and indexed by search engines. It’s a great opportunity for advocacy and community managers to showcase best practices, knowledge base content, and product updates, all while creating a recruitment tool for their customer advocacy program. 

PagerDuty, a leading provider of digital operations management software for customer service and IT professionals, recently enabled this feature and has seen an influx of traffic and membership to their growing PagerDuty community.  

We recently chatted with Alexa Alley, Community Engagement Program Manager at PagerDuty, to learn more about their early successes and what they have planned next. 


Tell us how you’re using Public Discussions and Content today? 

PagerDuty is using it as an inclusive space for all of our customers. It’s used heavily by our Support team as they capture support questions without having to go through an official support forum. Our product team uses it to collect feature requests and ideas from our community and our customers. On top of that, we also use it as a knowledge base. Anybody can come in and look for PagerDuty best practices. The best part is that everything is hosted on our community forums site without having to log in, which makes it easier for people to get information about our product.



How has it been going so far? 

We love it! We were on Discourse before so it was a really easy transition for us to move this over. We love having traffic come through the community site too, which has been a really good way for us to find new members. We’ve also done a really good job internally of using our knowledge base and enabling teams like our Sales teams, Success teams, and even some of our Engineering teams to be able to share this information with their customers really easily without having to require them to log in or having them go into their use case or their actual hub in PagerDuty to be able to find this information.

Since launching a few months ago, we’ve been hearing a lot about how awesome this site is and the look and feel of it. We’ve also been hearing a lot from our Customer Success teams about how much they love sending links from our community site to their customers.


Have you seen an uptick in organic sign-ups since enabling Public Content? 

We’ve seen a 45% increase in new members since the launch of Influitive earlier this year. That does not include employees.



Has going public inspired an influx of bots or badvocates to join your program? 

We haven’t had any actually. It’s what we would hope for and what we expect from our community members. We have a community code of conduct that my team and I are responsible for enforcing. We also take shifts making sure we are moderating and checking in on what’s going on.


Any big future plans for Public Discussions and Content?

We have really big plans for the forums coming up. We have a PagerDuty University program so we’re going to be adding a lot of channels, campaigns, etc. into the forum. Think online training and certifications. We’re also going to start working on an onboarding campaign for new customers who come onto PagerDuty. I’ll be working with our customer lifecycle team and building out onboarding training in the forums.

From there, I think we’ll host a lot more conversations on our forums that will complement our annual conference, webinars that we host, and events we sponsor. There is also a lot of interest in building connections within our developer community, and those conversations can also be hosted on our forums.