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What is Marketing Automation Software?

Marketing automation software is a platform with most of the tools that a marketer is going to need to run their marketing campaigns— email management, analytics, lead nurturing, lead management, lead scoring and more. Marketing automation software performs tasks such as scheduling, segmentation and tracking of marketing campaigns that were previously performed manually. Initially designed for email marketing campaigns, today’s marketing automation platforms are capable of automating a vast amount of the daily marketing routine.

Why Is Marketing Automation Software Important?

There are a number of ways that marketing automation and advocate marketing can work together to boost campaign effectiveness. You can tap into the scoring capabilities of marketing automation to factor in acts of advocacy. As marketing automation is the hub of content, it can serve as a launching pad to ask advocates to share and provide feedback on your content marketing efforts. Mixing online reviews and customer testimonials into your nurturing campaigns and landing pages signal trustworthiness to prospective customers.

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